PP Gold Spray Releasing Agent By Chef Kecik


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Non Stick Pan Spray Volume: 600ml

Release agent for products which are difficult to release. Applicable for all kinds of tins and trays. PP Gold pan releasing agent is based on rapeseed oil , carnauba wax (palm wax) and rapeseed emulsifier. Vegetable based releasing agent and surface oil. Advantages of PP Gold: Specially developed for releasing pastry and bakery products that contains high sugar and protein (i.e. cake, muffin, waffle, tartlet, bread and more). Good stability of oil oxidation, prolongs shelf life of the baked products. Reduce carbon build up (carbonization) on the baking containers, allow easy maintenance of baking containers. Even and thin oil coating for beautiful baking colour. Clean baking environment, less mist generation during spraying. Cost effective compared to manual brushing method. Excellent fluidity and adhesion, ideal for all kind of baking forms (i.e. teflon, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium etc) and shapes (i.e. flat or angled) Ingredients: Vegetable oil (rapeseed oil) Thickener, E903 (vegetable wax) Emulsifier, E322 (rarpeseed) Direction of use: Shake well before using. Apply thinly and evenly,. Spray distance 20 – 30 cm. To prevent clogging, turn the spray upside down and spray for a few seconds after use. If the nozzle is clogged, remove and clean it with warm water. Storage: 15 – 20 °C Made in The Netherlands

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